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This is my first post here, I have been reading comments for a few months and learning as I go along. I see very few posts relating to Traxia, most of the comments are from 2018, here and there we have a 2019 Traxia comment.

Traxia are active on YouTube such as Episode 18 The Cardano Effect which has about 2k views. One of the more recent YouTube videos, Traxia mentions a potential amount of 100 Million USD for 2019 which as we all know only a fraction of this amount will be used to purchase TMT according to the whitepaper, I think 1% is mentioned as an example in the whitepaper but this percentage will probably be 0.5%.

Obviously some bought TMT and some who have not. I am curious to know why you would not buy TMT? Do you think the value of TMT will not increase sufficiently maybe not even coming close to its ATH of 0.069656 in 2019? Some of you might not know much about Trade Finance and are therefore not buying TMT.

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Welcome to us!

Price calls are hard as long as you are not a time traveler.
How long is a rubber band before it brakes? :wink:

If you belive in the project, roadmap and team and it at the same time helps you learn new things and broaden your horizon, your investment will atleast gain your intellectual capacity, wealth or in the best case both :slight_smile:

I believe we can compare Traxia with Populous as they are competitors. Populous has already reached $ 2.5 bi in marketcap. Maybe Traxia can reach the same in the next bull run (it would be an insane valorization)

We like Traxia because we think that invoice factoring is a very clear blockchain use case. I know the team and they are great guys - dedicated to their work and very smart. It’s a hard industry to break into, but I think if anyone can do it, it’s them. Of course, being Emurgo, you shouldn’t consider my opinion strictly neutral - just my thoughts from what I’ve seen.

Love to see what the rest of you guys think.


Hi Ryan

I agree with you 100%.

It is very exciting times that we are in with the development of Shelly and Goguen, I see Traxia as a long term project and will therefore be holding TMT for a while.


Have any of you kept up with Traxia lately? There doesn’t seem to be much activity as of late.
Hope they didn’t take the money and run or went broke after mismanagement.
Good luck to them, if the team is still out there advancing their project.
I still have all my tokens, hope I won’t regret taking part in their ICO, as I’ve done with so many others…

i have noticed nothing but a white-washing of any Cardano mention from their website, and a potential de-listing from an exchange.

i’d like to see the project go somewhere as well, but if the project was to be based on Cardano smart contracts and those are obviously farther down the road still, they have nothing to do as a company unless they use Ethereum for now.

i was hopeful as well about this micro-cap token.

I joined the Traxia Telegram Group, Bruno pops in and comments, latest is that there is a potential deal in Malaysia (I thinks its Malaysia). Personally I feel for those that bought in at the ICO as the price has gone down substantially which I am sure you are aware of. As mentioned there is talk of a potential de-listing so I have moved my tokens off the exchange to MEW.

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