Youtube interview with Tobias Pfuetze on the David Pakman Show about Traxia

Here is the link to the video

Traxia is still in ICO until June 2nd. David Pakman asks all the best questions to see how the Traxia ecosystem works. The only question not asked was “When moon?”. Very professional video.

Current price is now .055 USD and they picked up a big partner.


From website:

Sorry to quibble! :slight_smile:

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Oh thank you @RobJF that is even better! I did not apply the discount. :+1:

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You’re welcome @rickymac.

Off-topic here but maybe I’ll get a quick and simple answer. I’ve almost no experience with ETH and when I tried to send to Traxia it failed due to insufficient gas. I think the default was 2100, what should I change that to?

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I don’t remember @RobJF, I use the Ethereum Wallet on my laptop to send. You are using your own wallet and not an online wallet right?

Thanks anyway. Yes it’s a desktop wallet.

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Oh sorry @RobJF I used 22,423 gas. I just looked it up.

I didn’t think to look it up. It’s late here in Japan, long days, brain is shutting down. Maybe I spent too much on gas but it worked.

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Turns out the default is 25,000 so I tried that again and this time it worked!

Sorry for dragging the thread so far off topic people! :blush:

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