Survey: Do you plan on buying Traxia during ICO?

  • Yes (or already have)
  • No

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Well it does not look like Traxia has many whales according to their online purchases page.

May be one whale on that list as of today.

I would buy some Traxia if I thought it would outperform ADA (which it may), the services that it will offer are actually very cool, and… very complicated, I assume that the ICO investor’s understand finances and can see the vision of decentralizing the contracts that Traxia is all about, I might at some time use it for what it is designed to be used for but I am focused on staking ADA.

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I just filled out the form to be whitelisted…and purchased one Ethereum to invest in this one…thinking of trading some of my ETC for another ETH to go in with 2 ETH at the 0.12c price for TMT…not using ADA to buy TMT, I am also more interested in staking the ADA (@anon20038177)


The only reason I marked no is because I don’t understand trade finance and I need to understand the white paper if I am going to invest in the company. I have no doubt that they will do great things though with Emurgo backing them.

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And the only reason I marked no was beacause I spent all my money on ADA :confused:


You can use Ada to get TMT, however probably best if you wait a while for Ada to bounce back up. That way you’ll get more TMT tokens.


Also you’ll have to hold it till June 6th, that’s when it goes on exchanges. So far it’s on two of them, one of which is an ICO itself weirdly, and the other one doesn’t accept users from NYC. I guess I’m gonna have to change my answer to no. Less headache if I just concentrate on Ada and stacking.

Good Answer. Never buy anything you don’t understand.

If i read it correctly - small vendors have crappy payment terms with large companies and so there is a need to take that invoice and get liquidity faster… this is the market that Traxia facillitates…i.e. liquidity for invoices from small vendors.

Lets’ call them Small and medium-sized enterprises. First company to use Traxia/Liqeasae is Porsche China - i wouldn’t call it a small vendor.

Yes. It’s a 43 trilions usd marked. I am happy Emurgo is financing projects with real use case in real life not just techy projects over the net


SIGH Tomato tomatoe= I like small vendors and I can not lie. :slight_smile:

Yupp and it’s not the first try in crypto world for this kind of platform …hello Populous

I am with you though in that this is an excellent use case for Cardano.

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From Traxia telegram group (written by a member of Traxia team): Simply put “Populous is a P2P (peer-to-peer) invoice finance platform” We are not P2P. The Hive I know is a mining project. You have for example Xinfin .io and one major difference would be that they are planning to use their own Token for settlement of the transactions and assume it is globally accepted as the following statement ‘domestic payments and settlements using a globally accepted XDC token’ (p. 14, Business WP) states. This seems risky and potentially unfeasible due to volatility of the Token. In Traxia the setlement is done in fiat.

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Very cool and very useful info! The settlement in fiat is the way to go.

I read through the WP and didn’t understand if through holding the traxia tokens you get residuals like you “supposedly” do with Populous coin by facilitating the P2P tx.

Bruno from Traxia: This afternoon we presented Traxia at Alibaba’s HQ in Hangzhou China. See the questions they raised after our 30 sec pitch


Is that Bruno or is that Tobias speaking? Tobias is starting to make some youtube channels. Here is their team profiles…

Here is a Youtube hit for the company Liqease who are behind Traxia

Yes…Its Tobias …
Bruno is the 2nd from the right

what is the advantage over fiat payment?
and why should I hold the token if it is not a security?

Traxia token (TMT) is like… a membership token (you need traxia to get in the traxia/liqease ecoysystem)… The advantage over fiat is obvious… the legacy system that has 43 tril usd “blocked” is “using fiat”

I am trying to understand the answers to these same questions very specifically. For example, is the TMT going to be used as a currency to provide the liquidity? I don’t think it is going to be a currency. From some of what I read on their website the financiers, suppliers and buyers will have to purchase TMT in order to use the Traxia / Cardano system of putting invoices on a blockchain, and for financing the invoices.

So how do I make money buying Traxia? I think investors make money on Traxia by giving it value and scarcity via purchase through ETH or ADA. Then when the trading companies and finance companies have to by Traxia to finance invoices, they will slowly drive the price up.

At least that is the best I can figure out. I don’t have a PHD in FinTech to figure this kind of stuff out. The only PHDs that I have are a post hole digger and a public highschool diploma. One message Traxia needs to make clearer is “How do investors make money on TMT?”


basically all type of utility token is crippled security in disguise

they are utility token not because these are new business model, it is because it cannot be sold as security(share, stock)

if cryptocurrency is evolution of money, then security token(or decentralized share) is the evolution of share, it should has both share and utility function, just cryptocurrency is programmable money(smart contract). But nobody willing to do this due to various legality reasons (but people’s ball is big enough to mint/mine their own coin which is probably much more “illegal” than distributing their own share, so legality is just an excuse)

if utility token do not have security properties, you are not investor, you are merely customer, you need the token only if you want to use the service provided by the company(always remember, you are customer)

but this is a worst way to purchase a service, for example the 1000 token may purchase 1000 services today, but can only purchase 10 services tomorrow due to two reason: price fluctuation or unknown/changeable token-service exchange rate(company decide the game rule)

it is worse if the company also running business in fiat, because earning fiat is much more attractive than earning token(which they themselves created in the first place)

it is much more wise to buy the service with fiat, since the price is very stable in fiat, if you need blockchain service, it is much wise to purchase the token with fiat at the instance you need the blockchain service

There is no point for the company to earn back their token unless they want to be paid in their own token. But even if they willing to earn back their token, they will eventually dump it back to the market exchange for bitcoin/fiat

the token price is only meaningful

  1. the product is a hit and a lot of people willing to use the product, and make the ecosystem (closed economy) success
  2. the token has pseudo security function: dividends(important) and voting right(important in long term) which is much more inferior to share, what you get is much lesser from what you can get from share, because shareholder decide how much they willing to give you, better buy share instead
  3. create pseudo restriction, for example like the one you see in the game, decrease the probability to get rare item from box hence increasing the demand of the virtual currency

And only very specific business can do so, the easiest business to do so is exchange, for example the exchange token xxx token:

  1. listing a lot of coins and create trading pair for xxx token, kick start closed economy
  2. you have voting right(to increase your favorite coin listing chance) and token burn (equivalent to dividends in some sense however only work if the token burned is token which previously circulate in market, it is meaningless if you burned the token never circulate in market.)
  3. pseudo restriction such as trading fee, you can also pay the fee in bitcoin with same the 0.05% rate, but to make xxx token valuable, binance decide to use xxx token as catalyst, so the token value rise and they can dump xxx token token on market on higher price, it is much more profitable than earning bitcoin directly

if the token is not security, it mean the company has no interest to develop ecosystem for the token, it is possible that the company success while the token die because the company can use the money it raise from ICO to develop project that earn more fiat money, they dont have legal responsibility toward token holder

hence it is an extremely risky “investment”(to be precise, shopping), and 99% of the ico is worthless (except basic chain ico)

currently the only thing that drive the company to develop ecosystem around the token is the they have the token locked in their backyard for fews year, but nobody know what happen after unlocked.