EMURGO Partners With Japanese TV Celebrity Comedian & “BBQ Restaurant Tamura” Owner Mr. Kenji Tamura, to Accept Cardano ADA Crypto Payment at Main Osaka Branch

EMURGO, the official commercial arm of Cardano - in partnered collaboration with famed Japanese TV celebrity comedian Kenji Tamura, owner of the highly successful “BBQ Restaurant Tamura” franchise, is excited to announce the introduction of Cardano ADA cryptocurrency payment at the main Osaka branch of “BBQ Restaurant Tamura.” This strategic move aligns with EMURGO’s mission to drive the adoption of Cardano worldwide and bring added value to ADA holders.

To commemorate the announcement, a special exclusive launch event will be held on June 22nd 2019 at BBQ Restaurant Tamura’s Main Branch in Gamo, Osaka! The entire restaurant will be rented out on the day of the launch event, so the restaurant will be closed off to the general public. However, 10 special individuals will randomly be selected through a lottery to participate in the event! (See campaign details below.)

An additional campaign will also be held on Twitter. 26 special winners will be selected & contacted, and will have the unique opportunity to choose the prize of their liking. The more retweets, the bigger the prize!

※The grand winner can choose either a free entrance ticket to the event or an Amazon gift card etc.

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