Emurgo Yoroi announcements

Amazing work getting all this work done by year end as promised. Thank you Emurgo team!


i still cannot download it for firefox…

I believe Sabastian said in a tweet that not all features were completely through the testing process. We should see it soon.

Impressed with Emurgo and Yoroi development!


Is there any internals how does it work without PoPoS? Does yoroi use some central server(s) to achive consensus? As I do not want to dig deep into it as I am very busy nowadays.

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I do believe that Emurgo runs their own server nodes that Yoroi consults. Not as knowledgeable as I’d like in it though.

Firefox support looks near - https://github.com/Emurgo/yoroi-frontend/pull/194

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That’s Ok currently as PoPoS impelentation is on the way.