EmurgoHK - IronFX seamless Project / IronX Exchange / Token IRX

Hello Everyone,

My name is Vladimir and I want to introduce you to the project IronX Exchange, the seamless blending of two industry leaders in the field of Cryptocurrency (EmurgoHK) and online trading (IronFX Group).

We are pleased to announce the launch of the public sale of the IRX token, which began on November 1 as part of the IronX Exchange project.

The IronX Exchange is a world-class cryptocurrency exchange that was developed as part of a joint venture between EmurgoHK, Cardano (ADA Coin), the ninth largest cryptocurrency market capitalization and IronFX Group, global leader in online trading.

Investors and cryptocurrency owners will find the Exchange itself with a smart and convenient interface, 24/7 personal support, the ability to transfer FIAT funds to Cryptocurrency assets and vice versa.

For partners are available profitable referral (MLM) and partner (IB) programs.

I recommend you to visit the site: https://ironx.io/ru/

If you are interested in a Project or an partnership program, you can contact with any questions at: VKokhan@IronX.io "


It looks so dodgy and miss-leading.
Especially where it states that EmurgoHK are creators of Cardano Blockchain project.
It’s sad that ADA and Cardano are used to promote some ERC-20 token sale.

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This is not the MLM community you are looking for.

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Hi, Evgeny

Main point is the future Exchange. Token is the one of the instruments for friendly and comfortable using in there.

Nobody was used, peoples joined venture in order to made something fresh in the market.

You never know. You never know…

-bitconnect +IronFX*
-ponzi +scam*


Still looks like a dogshit scam, and everyone ‘investing’ in this will probably lose their money.
Keep going Vladimir, hope you can sleep at night.