EmurgoHK to open their own ADA based crypto exchange in partnership with IronFX

Is this an attempt to decouple from bitcoin?
It’s definitely an attempt to gain some control over the crypto market, genius move in my opinion. Coinbase can suck it!
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P.S; if anyone can find the official statement, would be cool


I wonder where you get the info without having a single link?


Redit of course :joy:

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And where does it say IOHK?

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Somewhere in the article https://www.crypto-economy.net/en/cardano-ada-set-to-be-the-base-currency-for-emurgos-new-exchange/

Have you heard anything on your end @vantuz-subhuman, or is it just hype?

It’s incorrect, the exchange development is being outsourced by IronFX.

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It’s bunch of nonsense =\


EmurgoHK (NOT Emurgo Japan) and forex exchange IronFX are partnering to create new crypto-exchange “IronX”. And it will use ADA as one of the base-pairs.

IOHK and Emurgo (Japan) has nothing to do with this (directly).


So much for that…we need a reliable source of news

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I don’t think there is any fake, it’s a joint venture project of EmurgoHK and IronFX.

Best information you get directly on the page:

Initial coin offer (coin IRX) here:

1IRX-.42c, I rather buy more :ada:, felt the same way about traxia

I think you can‘t compare these.
ADA is for hodl. IRX is more short time investment.
Traxia is for businesses. IronX is for the mass with good chances to get as big as the biggest.
IRX has maximum of 50,000,000USD, ADA a plenty more. So actual value of IRX is even better, when compared.

What I mean is when Traxia ICO ran it was .15c, the price now after the initial coin offering is 0.095. In this market it’s best to stick with the sure thing “:ada:

There is no sure thing. It’s all about probabilities, concepts, teams, marketing, right time and luck.
These factors are looking good for ADA (Cardano) and so they are for IronX.

I don’t disagree with you, but how would you know? With Cardano everything is on display, with the roadmap, constant updates and education, the GitHub, I know exactly who :cardano: team is and their strategy. It’s peer reviewed, I can read the research papers. I can personally verify everything on my own with :cardano:. Cardano has no equal when it comes to transparency in crypto world, that’s why it can be a little daunting getting into anything new that doesn’t exhibit the same level. IronX very well may be a great project and I hope it is, it would only do good for :ada:.

I think you did not get the point.
IronX is not another Cardano, it’s just a new coin exchange with a great concept. Based on Cardano. And listing ADA. You will get ADA there for FIAT for example. So all you said about Cardano is true for IronX.
The information you need to get more confident you find in the net. There are white papers and pitch decks and so on. Look at the team …

You should always think in diversification or the risk gets higher. I think this is a good opportunity to do so. As the project has the same system behind.

And you could have a look at Binance Coin to have an example to compare: In July 2017 BNB was worth 0.10 USD. Today it is at 9.51 USD.

This is a too general, can you provide some links to the literature, my searches are coming up empty. I’m not looking at IronX as “another Cardano,” that doesn’t make any sense. I’m looking at it purely as an investment. There are few things to consider here; Binance dominates the exchange world, why buy IronX coin at all if it runs on Ada, makes more sense to buy and hold Ada, once the exchange is up and running the price of Ada will rocket.

I don’t think that the price of ADA will rocket because of one single exchange.But this exchange is one more step for the success of Cardano.
I don’t even want ADA to rocket. Better a slow and constant growth that at some point, maybe from now in 2-3 years will get nearly exponential.

So I would say, yes I think ADA will succeed.

Investing in IRX is another study case. Because even if ADA does not gain more value in future, an exchange plattform for several different coins (and so on) will be a good investment exactly because it does not depend on the success of one single coin.
It depends on the success of its concept.

When you buy ADA you invest in the success of the coin in relation to the project; when you buy IRX you invest directly in the project not in the coin. When IRX succeeds you can always buy ADA with it, much more ADA than you could now. IMHO: IRX will grow faster than ADA, but it won’t get that big.


Time will tell, if you ask me the project is just trying to ride on the back of a already well established brand. The whole hook is that it uses :ada: as the base trading pair, but if it has its own IRX coin as well, which I assume is also a base trading pair like binance coin then it’s not really doing anything that different than any other exchange. IronX is benefiting more from association with :cardano: brand than the other way around.