Is EMURGO a Scam?

I wouldn’t want to tell anyone how to vote, but you might like to consider visiting this page on YouTube and downvoting this video…

OMG, it’s like sticking a fork in my ear listening to this guy. First of all, the main page of Emurgo is It’s a Japanese based company and they are working on bringing more partners, some might question it’s slow, but what do you expect, Shelley is not out yet, should they be signing up for less than complete product. With that being said, there are good partners such as Sirin, Metaps+, etc.

For a more reasonable reader, I suggest you to be patient the whole cryptocurrency is down, granted they are down a lot but if great project like NEM, NEO, and DASH who also down significantly, then what do you really worry about, the crypto in general? or the project? So your problem is Emurgo or ADA price? The world is filled with lesser and lesser ppl with fully developed brain function with minimal analytic skills that all they can do is complain, incoherently mind you …


Traxia is nothing? Chrome lite wallet is nothing? IronFX is nothing? Sirin? Etc?


Emurgo’s web presence:

A different set is used in this video:

Is this second set for the Hong Kong team?


Not sure but it would fit with their Telegram channel, @EmurgoHK.

Edit: yes clicking on these links it seems so, of course it’s much smaller than the Japan HQ, something like 8 as opposed to 40 personnel I believe.

I didn’t even finish watching the video. He seems like someone who lost money and wants to take it out on anyone he can find.

On EMURGO, they could do a lot to help the project. I mean testnets are already underway so we know exactly what the technical capability of the platform could be in its first iteration.

EMURGO could actively engage with the developer community now to build things.

EMURGO needs to set up offices around the world to increase its impact. Focusing on Asia alone won’t get you recognized. Japan has a slow bureaucracy so it won’t be too good to be stuck there. Consider EUROPE AND USA.

EMURGO is hiring fast but it needs to increase its presence as fast on the internet. Right now we have CH But he can do so much. Emurgo could hire a professional PR person to draw up a solutions-based marketing campaign, organize CARDANO conferences and increase awareness. I say this because most of what CH says is for nerds like me. It flies over the average person’s head.

There is no other platform that is so under appreciated in this space.


Emurgo incubates commercial ventures and help integrate businesses into Cardano’s decentralized blockchain ecosystem. As long as the CEO keep focus on the task I really don’t care about social media pages. My point of view…

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Don’t think the social media following matters, but they do seem kind of slow tbh. Would not have chosen Traxia or Sirin either. And all their employees look like 20 year olds. But hey, not my game.

In addition to @RobJF 's points, I’d like to ask…

This is nothing?

And this? Metaps+ / Coinroom

Or this? Tokyo Tech partnership…

Or the talks with the Taiwanese govt.?

Or their freshly released Yoroi wallet in collaboration with IOHK?

Just a couple of things as a result of ‘doing nothing’, I guess? o_O

Carry on!


Plenty of links above.

Long time ago ADA was 3rd capacity in cryptocurrency, now even USDT capacity is larger than ADA. So? All investment are gone who’s to blame? I got to know cardano from a chat room not Emurgo. Compared with iohk, I dont think they are doing well with the resource they get. If you guys still insist they are doing good, I have nothing to say.

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CH has explained more than once, it is deliberate decision not to market until system is fully developed, to avoid hype typical of crypto. (I think they forgot this when planning most recent announcement and I hope they remember it again.)

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Alright, I withdraw my words and hold my opinion, hopefully time will tell

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There is a good rationale for marketing earlier. It is to build a momentum. We have the testnets already so it’s not like they are hyping up nothing.

Maybe they are in the developer community, I can’t quite tell. But having someone to focus on solutions that can be built for the general public, could help.

The tech will sell itself eventually but there is a need to show what it can do first. In the sea of crappy projects, Cardano can stand tall like a beautiful skyscraper, but you need to clear the garbage in front of people’s eyes for them to see it.


this video judges everything by number of followers, likes…

I know you can always buy those number if you want them look high, and there are some projects which are very good at it, ie TRON


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Just want to point out that marketing prematurely will cause the same situation as Ethereum has. When projects start using the platform in earnest the tech will be lagging - and that we know is like suicide.

Proof of stake was coming to Ethereum in October 2017, Casper was about to release. The devs were rejecting any proposals to fix inefficiencies in the PoW mining algorithm. Now the projection is that Casper + Sharding will be done together by 2020. And as we learned from the rebuttal of criticism on Ouroboros Casper is no where close to secure yet. Meanwhile, ASIC miners are taking over. No wonder ICOs are dumping their Ether.

Cardano will have to be ready with the implementation of Ouroboros Hydra and Sprite before building any real world application or issuing any assets on it.

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Only you, and nobody else. If you think it was a wrong decision then leave, and learn from your mistake.


above is stated that Coinroom has listed ADA … I don’t think so or am I mistaken?

We already know what kind of apps we can build on IELE and KEVM. Developers are tinkering with these layers. As long as we keep the message limited to what the system can do now, we should be fine, no?

I’d say Ethereum has some serious design and execution flaws that just don’t allow it to deliver on what they set out to deliver.

The two projects (ETH and Cardano) are fundamentally and philosophically different. I am not sure their marketing lessons are fully applicable here.

There is a merit in talking about future capabilities of chimeric ledgers but the market will always judge you by what you have done so far before they give you credit for what you promise to build.

This network is not yet decentralized, but it must decentralize. In my opinion, and I’m sure many others, only then will it be considered “live”. Making stuff work when all the processing happens on a rack of servers in the room next door is trivial. Do not underestimate the size of this step.