Is EMURGO a Scam?

Just so I understand, what exactly would you have to change in your codebase as a result of decentralization?

What percentage of your code could realistically change?

From the day before decentralization to the day after? Nothing.

That’s just the day you realize your code does or does not work.

It’s like building a ship. One day before it’s on dry dock. Next day after it’s in the water, either floating or at the bottom. Nothing changes, you just find out if you built it right.


I appreciate the analogy. We are lucky that IOHK specified: “Consequently we have designed a system that can be upgraded by way of soft forks”. Optimistically the ship has advance submersible technologies.

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Yes, that is a second set for the Hong Kong team.

I left him some feedback.

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Agreed, never understimate. It does not look scam

Ok. so you are saying you can’t pinpoint and separate the potential issues you may have due to decentralization into a one neat module? I honestly thought software development was more organized than that…

At the very least you’d have to know what parameters (latency, etc.) might change and test against various adverse scenarios. No?

Software code is not the greater cause of concern here. In the case of blockchains fixing the software for bugs is relatively easy. However, the wrong/problematic entry made in the ledger due to the bug in the software is very expensive to fix. Fixing data in the ledger would require a retrospective change. If we stick to the principle that the ledger is immutable then the system will have to live with the wrong entry in the ledger forever. Gathering consensus to make a retrospective change to the ledger is a nearly impossible undertaking.

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Don’t worry about the under appreciation. You know a lot of people like Cardano so much. I don’t agree with the opinion of thinking the progress too slow. The way I see it the project is going very fast. It just need that long to do it right and make it great.

By the way, any body knows how many people are trying to build Dapps on the testnets so far?


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Nothing to do with software development, what you are talking about is accurately modeling the decentralized network prior to go-live.

Like Rumsfeld said: It’s the unknown unknowns.

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I don’t think you can find the info directly but one way to track activity would be to see who is using ADA faucet on testnets.

The Cardano Foundation is starting to look like a scam. That’s my .02 on the matter.

It seems he got some negative feedback on his video.


why is this topic not deleted yet…??? i would’ve done it long time ago

Very simple: the community is not into censorship. (Wasn’t it obvious??)


dont be so sure… i hear there is some kind of censorship here including telegram channels. my answer is NO, IT IS NOT OBVIOUS. i think this topic should be deleted, there’s been enough fuss with CF lately.

Well it’s true scams, spam and obvious persistent FUDing can get deleted but this thread seems mostly genuine. If things like this were deleted then the censorship accusations would be valid, IMO.


Even nothing…is something.

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