Questions about ico(Related to Emurgo)


I’m korean who have a little bit of ADA coin in UPBIT

Sorry for my writing skills it’s some akward grammar and sentences.

I’m here on behalf of Korean community site about CARDANO ico project (related to Emurgo)

Many members suspicious about whats real Emurgos do and Multi-level marketing.

Ken Kodama who is CEO of Emurgo,

He is a leader of ASIA pre-sale ico project.

But, Some of korean members found a little doubtful factors in Janpense blog.

(1) Multi-level marketing.

Here is a link, Ken (CEO) says " All participant will recieve 1000yen bitcoin"

(2) Launching delayed

And many Japenese bloggers think of ADA = scam.

Because of launching is dedayed.

(3) Who is Ken Kodama ?

He is not a professional marketor and no have office(it s virtual office)

But Hoskinson give all right about pre-sale in whole ASIA project.

(4) Why Japan? Not a US

If Hoskinson have launch ADA pre-sale in the US,

I think its more effect to marketing ADA pre-sale projects.

Why Japan, Not US?

Many korean people are curious (4 questions) and looking forward to hearing from Hoskinson.

Kim - this is old FUD! First of all - Cardano/Ada is an open source blockchain - you can download it right now Input Output · GitHub

From what I know Emurgo is “the venture building entity in the Cardano ecosystem, its goal is to aid, integrate, and foster Cardano blockchain applications.”

As you can see here - Emurgo’s plans for the next months:

Co-working space, Hong Kong
Emurgo is setting up a co-working spaсe in Hong Kong. The office will be available for developers from February 2018.

Meetup for developers and enterprises, Tokyo
Emurgo will hold a monthly meetup for developers and enterprises at their new Tokyo office.

Partnership with Chinaccelerator and MOX
Working with two big regional accelerators will provide a springboard for entrepreneurs by giving them access to funding and advice.

Investment in a blockchain project, Shanghai
Emurgo will invest in LiqEase, a blockchain project that digitizes assets in international business to business trade.

R&D center, Vietnam
A research and development center that focuses on the Cardano blockchain will be set up in Ho Chi Minh city.

ICO related info - and here -

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Thanks for your reply,

But, I knows about whole road map.

I’m not want to hear about future

Only want to knows about history.

You said "Emurgo is “the venture building entity in the Cardano ecosystem, its goal is to aid, integrate, and foster Cardano blockchain applications.”

So, what is Emurgo and Why Hoskinson choose to Emurgo?

I’m just knows about more info about mysterious Emurgo.

Again - Charles Hoskinson is CEO of IOHK - this is the engineering company of Cardano.
Emurgo is the “business” part of Cardano. Why not Emurgo? Why do you say its mysterious? They have funds to start-up companies that will use Cardano - i like them - not sure why are you so suspicious…

Do you know more details info about Emurgo?

Not a abstract factors.

I’m not good at researching info.

My members says they can’t find any detail info about Emurgo when it start pre-sale project.

Do you think Emurgo is a reliable company?

I’m only knows about it established 2017 in japan(head office)

I believe in Cardano Foundation(in Swiss)

I believe in Cardano Foundation(in Hong kong)

I don’t believe in Emurgo(in Japan)

Read up Kim - “Emurgo is the venture building entity in the Cardano ecosystem, its goal is to aid, integrate, and foster Cardano blockchain applications.”

What could / should they do in 2015 during ICO if the Cardano had only started to plan an ecosystem

Really Really Thanks for your reply.

It’s a great opportunites to get more info about CARDANO.

Good luck to your big profits from ADA.

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I read all about pages that you linked.

But I have a one questions to Hoskinson(CEO).

Somedays, I will ask about it to Hoskinson.

Why are you choose to EMURGO?

Is it reliable and having potenital company?

Are they have any ground for that company?

Maybe I am contradicting myself… :frowning:

CARDANO foundation(true) = IOHK(true) =/ EMURGO(false)

I’m not deny fact of

Good developers.

Good LABs.


still Doubt PR company.

It’s my understanding that Emurgo was not chosen, but rather started within the Cardano ecosystem, to give investment and technical support for startups and businesses who want to develop enterprise applications etc. This is an intelligent approach, and will hopefully provide the community a sound foundation, as Cardano will need to kickstart these efforts to gain traction. The ‘velocity’ of Cardano in money terms will be the metric I watch. Emurgo should help in this respect.

관련 기사 자료: 를 통해 미국과 같은 국가에서 ICO 진행을 안하고 일본에서 진행한 이유를 보니 미국과 같은 서구 국가 쪽은 이미 암호화폐와 관련해 포화된 상태였기 때문에 아시아 쪽에서의 가능성을 더 보아서 그렇게 진행한 듯 하네요. 그리고 Emurgo 쪽이 동아시아 쪽 프리세일 전권을 맡아 진행했던 이유는 2015년 IOHk가 암호화폐로서 뿐만 아니라 스마트 컨트렉트 플랫폼으로서의 기능까지 같이 하는 블록체인 개발에 관심 있던 일본 쪽 사업가들(Emurgo 경영진이 아닌가 추측)과 접촉하게 되었다 하는데, 아시아에서의 ICO 진행을 더 가능성 있게 봤던 점, 적절한 시기에 일본 측 사업가들과 관련 사항을 논의하게 된 점 등이 맞아 떨어져 그렇게 진행한 건 아니었을까 싶네요. (추측입니다) 저도 카르다노, 에이다 공부 중인데 참 어렵네요 ㅎㅎ

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