EmurgoHK - IronX Exchange limited launch is tomorrow (28th of March)!

IronX Exchange limited launch will be on the 28th of March.
Upon registration and KYC approval, users will automatically earn 10 IRX.
Stay tuned for their latest updates!


Will the Exchange use ADA in Pairs with other crypto’s traded on the exchange?

Is this a CARDANO project or a separate project EMURGO has developed?

Yes, thanks for your interest! ADA will be a trading pair. All the features can be seen at the website.

IronX is a joint venture betweetn world-leading forex company IronFX, and EmurgoHK, the venture builders for Cardano. It’s the intention to move IronX to Cardano technology as soon as it is ready :slight_smile:


For me to be clear, are you saying Cardano ADA will be the lead in pairing on IronX? As BTC is paired with every other crypto currency on various exchanges or in another example as BNB the Binance tokens is paired.

Actually this is very good for the community.

How will ADA keep up with TPS. ADA is slow at this point. It will speed up with use but for now it will struggle wont it?