Epoch 313 distribution of stake:

Epoch 313 statistics for the 500 ranked pools in the Daedalus ranking :

337 Multipools and 163 Single stakepools. Within the first 10 ranked stakepools, 9 are multipools.

Within the first 100 ranked stakepools, 83 are multipools. One SPO has 13 of his total 29 pools in the first 100. And 27 of his total 29 pools in the 500 ranked Daedalus pools.

Last time I had questions about my wording so tried to keep it simple, but I’m always open for suggestions if I can improve.

Further reading for newer members about the k500 parameter, staking and so on, here on the IOG Blogpost from Chief Scientist Aggelos Kiayias: The general perspective on staking in Cardano - IOHK Blog

And for the total distribution of stake, not only on the k500 pools, further statistics here: Group Single Pool Operators | Cardano Staking / Explorer

I plan to release this every epoch, and have a great day everybody.

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