Error code 500, can't claim rewards, yoroi wallet, pls help!

hey all,
i use Yoroi wallet, no problem past few months, but now when i try to claim my staking rewards, i get an error: code 500 [object, object]
this is in my yoroi wallet app on the phone.
when i try on my same yoroi wallet but on the chrome version i get this error:
Screenshot 2021-07-18 202104

i am worried about the future of my wallet and rewards, please help!

Dear Alexd‍,

Your request (134595) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff.

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nvm, problem solved after epoch ended i guess?

all good now :+1:

cardano fixed itself :grin:

Yes, fixed starting with epoch 279

Mine has been doing it for the past week now re synced still nothing both app and extension