Error when claiming rewards from Yoroi

When I try to claim my rewards from the Yoroi wallet I get the following error:

Error received from API method call while sending transaction . Please try again later or check our twitter account.


Error trying to send transaction: Error: Request failed with status code 500 - [object Object]

Can someone help me here? Same happend from Yoroi wallet on mobile device end web extension wallet.

Thank you.

Yoroi issues , starting with next epoch should be fine :wink: have patience

OK, thanks.

Anyone’s issue fixed? Its already the next epoch but still having the same issue…

I have this problem too and I wrote to yoroi support this issue from tow weeks ago and they told me next epouch.I think this is related to Alonzo hard fork. They want to increase the ADA price by holding by force all staking rewards. this is not fair.

Not agree coz u can withdraw/spend the rewards via