Request failed with status code 500 - [object Object]

Error trying to send transaction
Request failed with status code 500 - [object Object]

Is anyone able to help me with this?

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Hello friend you are using daedalus wallet?

I’m also looking for help with this, I’m using the latest version on Yoroi mobile app.
I cannot send Ada out at all today, constantly getting this message.
Also, I’ve tried using the browser extension with the same results - failure

Without seeing the actual error and full stack trace there isn’t much to say other than web development 101:

500 = Internal Server Error (fireworks happened when web request hit the server)
[object Object] = JavaScript Fail (trying to print an array of objects incorrectly from web response)

If this is a Yoroi bug I highly suggest contacting the Emurgo team as their developers are likely actively working on this already. Letting them know details like your OS (iOS or Android version), Yoroi app version, public wallet key, timestamps, to/from addressees, etc will help them debug faster!

Same issue here when trying to withdraw my rewards!!!

Getting same error on android and firefox

If anyone faces the same issue… You just need to wait for the next epoch (whatever epoch you are in right now)
Here is why :
Thank you for contacting the EMURGO Technical Support Desk.

Unfortunately, there’s a technical problem in the protocol level libraries that causes the wallet to attempt to spend your voting rewards right after they become visible, but by protocol rules, they are only spendable after the end of the current epoch. This is only related to receiving rewards for Catalyst voting and all the rewards will automatically become spendable after the switch to the next epoch on Sat 28 Aug 2021 (21:45:00 UTC).

We already have the solution to this issue, however, we need to wait for the next IOHK released to integrate it.

The only time you may need to withdraw your rewards is when you’re moving all your funds to a different wallet/exchange. The rewards you earn are automatically staked to the pool as part of your delegation.

Thank you.

Very true.

Rewards are automatically distributed by the protocol. Your staking address is for delegating so once you pick a pool the reward balance is automatically then also delegating to the same pool after the next epoch.

In Daedalus you will see your total wallet balance increase automatically since you are synching to a full relay-node locally running on your computer which can find and confirm all transactions on the blockchain.

With light wallets you are sending transactions to a centralized server that then submits them to a decentralized node to be folded into the chain. This makes it way faster and easier to use in a variety of ways but you are relying on a proxy to talk to the blockchain so there is no synching to automatically confirm your rewards or verify the integrity.

Remember all ADA is actually on the blockchain at all times. The private key is what determines which ones out there are yours. Thus the “not your key, not your coins” mantra. The wallet is mostly to facilitate using ADA in transactions. In retrospect “wallet” isn’t a great name maybe we should have called them “negotiator”.

Doesnt seem to be working, its already the next epoch 287 but still cant withdraw them or do i need to wait till the end of the epoch?

Still getting the same issue. It was noted this would be fixed at epoch 287, but same issue.

I have the same problem, today is August 30, 2021 and it still doesn’t work.

See updates here. Apparently it is fixed for adalite, but not for Yoroi.

We all need to contact Yoroi support and make them aware enough of us are hitting this issue and prioritize it if they haven’t already. Doesn’t seem like Devs are checking here much.

That is true. On time of writing my post above it was still not working even after the epoch ended.
I tried today on Yoroi and it is finally working for me. I was able to withdraw my rewards.

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Also for me is fine… so the issue was solved

I had same issue while trying to change stake pool delegation, but i noticed while on Yoroi it was giving error 500, on blockchain everything went smooth! So check your address transactions on blockchain, maybe its same case for you!