In Yoroi Wallet - can't withdraw or deregister

Since yesterday I’ve been trying to withdraw and deregister but i keep getting the following message

Error trying to send transaction
Request failed with status code 500 - [object Object]

I’ve done it at various times of the day but with no successes, and in the forums

There is a bug in rewards withdrawal affecting users who voted and are eligible for Catalyst Fund 5 rewards. These users are currently unable to withdraw their rewards.The fix will be available by the next epoch (287) Update news · vacuumlabs/adalite@4db74f4 · GitHub

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I had same issue. And i also contacted to Yoroi Support Team. Until now they have not had solution yet but just try again ,i recommend 1 time per day. After trying 2 times (2 days), my issue has been solved.
And if you want to withdraw as soon as possible, then you don’t need to wait Yoroi to work.
You can restore your current wallet on Daedalus and try to withdraw again. 100% OK.

Any update on this? It’s epoch 287, but still encountering the same issue.

See updates here. Apparently it is fixed for adalite, but not for Yoroi.

We should all contact Yoroi support and make them aware enough of us are hitting this issue and prioritize it if they haven’t already.