Error finding address balance

When i try to run this command:

cardano-cli shelley query utxo \

–address $(cat payment.addr) \

–testnet-magic 1097911063z

To try find out my address balance, I receive this message:

A query from a certain era was applied to a ledger from a different era: EraMismatch {ledgerEraName = “Byron”, otherEraName = “Shelley”}

Does anyone know the solution to this? Thanks.

Hi Nate,

You will have to wait for your node to sync to a point where it’s in the Shelley era for shelly query commands to work.

Is your node in sync and still seeing this?

Your friend, FROG

Thank you very much for the help.

My pleasure, Nate.

Is it normal to be stuck at Epoch 74 for an extended period of time? Get back to me when you are free, thanks.

All sorted I am just impatient hahaha.