Error Message while Reg

Hi we are running into an issue trying to register our stake for our pool. This is the command we are running:

$ cardano-cli shelley transaction submit \

–tx-file tx.signed
–testnet-magic 42

And this is the error:

Error while submitting tx: Failed to submit Shelley transaction: ApplyTxError [LedgerFailure (DelegsFailure (DelplFailure (DelegFailure (StakeDelegationImpossibleDELEG (KeyHashObj (KeyHash bc72ddb2ccb23ebd2e9784ba9c656a5552858726bb1ee23d526c2453))))))]

Hello, I am also having this issue, did you find out what the issue was or is this still unsolved?

I worked out what this issue is, I missed a step in registering the stake pool as I did not register my staking address before trying to register my pool. Hope this helps someone else!

cardano-cli shelley transaction build-raw
–tx-in b64ae44e1195b04663ab863b62337e626c65b0c9855a9fbb9ef4458f81a6f5ee#1
–tx-out $(cat paymentwithstake.addr)+997828515
–ttl 987654
–fee 171485
–out-file tx.raw
–certificate-file stake.cert

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Thanks for posting your solution. Many do not do this. I’m sure this will help someone later.

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