Error running jormungandr snap

someuser@somebox:~$ jormungandr --genesis-block-hash $(cat genesis-hash.txt) --config config.yaml
Error in the overall configuration of the node
 |-> Cannot read the node configuration file: Permission denied (os error 13)
 |-> Permission denied (os error 13)

Ubuntu Bionic (18.04)

  • apt-get upgrade -y
  • snap install jormungandr
  • curl ’ d the genesis hash and the config
  • set public_address and listen_address and topics_of_interest settings… config exact copy and verified to work with a non-snappy install downloaded release

Node starts

Failbowl… Error above due to permissions

Is that Snap provided by IOHK?

This usually happens when your cargo home directory does not have the right permissions. That said, as fair as I know you will end up with an outdated jormungandr version when using snap. I would not recommend it in the current stage.

Since things are moving so quickly you should either install it directly from source or use the provided binaries on Releases · input-output-hk/jormungandr · GitHub

Yes it is. (Samuel Leathers)

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You can’t run the snap that way. Snaps require the data to be in the special directory in the home directory. That being said, snap is way outdated and hasn’t been updated this month. If the current release has stability through the weekend, I’ll push a new snap. The correct way to run is


Thank you for the clarification and confirmation @disasm

Hi Samuel. I opted not to use the snap but if you anyone updates it I’ll try it out again.