Can stakepool be run in ubuntu virtual machine?

hi there
I’m trying to run jormungandr in ubuntu virtual machine. but i keep getting the error “illegal instruction(core dumped)”
Has anyone succesfully ran stakepool in virtual machine?


Yes, it should work in Ubuntu VM. Do you have the correct configuration and enough RAM?

BTW: it is better to focus your time/effort on Shelley cardano-node, than on jormungandr.

Like @Tuan_Lam said it’s probably better to focus on the Haskell node. Jormungandr will soon become obsolete since ITN won’t be running long. That being said, I am running it on VPS Ubuntu. Did you check that the parameters and values supplied to are correct?

I’m receiving the same issue. Any solution to this? This is on mainnet:

cardano-node run --topology $CNODE_HOME/files/topology.json --config $CNODE_HOME/files/config.json --database-path $CNODE_HOME/db --socket-path $CNODE_HOME/sockets/node0.socket --host-addr --port 6000

Listening on

Illegal instruction (core dumped)

On dmesg showing this entry:

traps: cardano-node[14894] trap invalid opcode ip:1a97e39 sp:7ffd880469f8 error:0 in cardano-node[400000+2f3e000]

Any help is appreciated.

This thread was about a coredump while running Jormungandr. However, I would suggest you run your node manually, without those variables. That way you will be able to check what you are passing to the cardano-node run. Once you are 100% sure that all paths/variables are correct and your node still crashes you can start looking for other problems.