Recovering funds from Stakepool address?

Hello everyone,

So I’ve been trying to set up my pool for the past week. I “thought” I did everything correctly but looking back at all the documents I feel like I might have done it incorrectly. I would like to recreate everything but all my funds are on stakepool account I created from the documentation (if that makes sense?). Im wondering how I can recover those funds to be able to recreate the pool ? Is there a way to recover them from the private key ?

Thanks in advance!


based on the category it’s not clear if you are referring to the Rust oder the Haskell codebase, but yes: you can of course transfer funds from the stake pool account anywhere.

For jormungandr (ITN) there is a send-mondey script here:

You can not get back the fee you payed for registering the stake pool.

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My apologies, I’m a little rusty with the terminology (please correct me if I’m wrong), but I am running the Shelley ITN. I do not mind losing the initial price. I would like to learn and get it right to be able to run it correctly before august. Thank you for the link,

Okay, good to know: The Shelley ITN runs on the Rust codebase. Node is called jormungandr.

The Haskell node is called “cardano-node” the forum category is