Error: Switchboard's queue full, dropping log items!

Hello there,

For the second time in a few days one of my relay nodes started to work at 200% CPU.

I checked the log file and it contains a bunch of duplicated entries similar to the following ones:

  • Error: Switchboard’s queue full, dropping log items!
  • fromList [(“tx”,Object (fromList (“txid”,String “txid: TxId {_unTxId = “52974c8324806d18df4ae51698bb1ad35d545f60c6f59899a8ba832b34087854”}”)])),(“kind”,String “TraceMempoolRejectedTx”),(“mempoolSize”,Object (fromList [(“numTxs”,Number 27.0),(“bytes”,Number 12133.0)])),(“err”,Obbject (fromList [(“kind”,String “BadInputsUTxO”),(“error”,String “The transaction contains inputs that do not exist in the UTxO set.”),(“consumed”,Object (fromList [(“lovelace”,Number 0.0),(“policies”,Object (fromList ))])),(“badInputs”,Array [Array [String “3e6eae05b8fe777b2a7eceb7b490bb58cf4274de200e7f1c0cac85b6f0bd94a0”,Number 1.0]]),(“produced”,Object (fromList [(“lovelace”,Number 4.840962001952e12),(“policies”,Object (fromList ))]))]))]

There is literally the same entry repeated hundreds of times which I think is the cause of the problem.

Did anybody experienced this before?


I found another post that explains very well what might be the cause of the spikes

It mentioned also an open issue that focuses on fixing the bug

In the meantime, I had to disable TraceMempool in config.json and lose the ability to monitor transactions.