I’m getting a very “relatively” concise increase of missed leader slot checks on my BP node.
It appears to occur every 1.5 hours coinciding with a spike in CPU and memory usage

A similar spike demand on resources happen on the relay node at the same time.

Starting node with cardano-node run +RTS -N4 -RTS
HW = Raspberry Pi 4B, clocked to 2GHz, 8GB RAM with 12GB ZRAM

(1no. Relay & 1no. BP running on Testnet)


Any ideas what might be going wrong?

Nothing, it’s a common issue, wait for the next version release


Thanks Alex, okay that’s a relief if it occurs across the network, I thought I might have done something wrong during the set up. Strange about the reliable predictability of the increases, I thought there might be a way to trace it back to a specific event happening on the system?

Let’s wait for the next release (I think next week)… 1.33.0 should use less resources

I have 32G of RAM 6vCPU and still incrementing; not so often but still


in your case (being so often) can be related with HW configuration, but let’s wait for the next release.

:+1:t4: will keep a keen look-out for the update then…cheers

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