Shall I limit the number of inbound connections to my relays?

Hi there, is there a way to limit the maximum number of inbound connections on the relay nodes?

I can easily limit the number of outbound connections using the topology file, however, I couldn’t find a way to limit the number of inbound connections.

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I’d be interested also. It would be dependent on the topology fetch list system which probably? tries to control how many people it issues your IP to. I assume it also keeps an eye on how many requestors actually end up reliably using your IP, maintaining a certain number of constant users?

I am running a custom implementation of the topology updater using the web service, but I can’t find any setting to limit the number of peers my IP is propagated to.

I was thinking more of a setting for the cardano-node to gracefully reject connections when a certain upper limit is reached,

Nevertheless, I have been monitoring my relays for the past few weeks and in spite of having up to 40 inbound connections causing outbound traffic spikes of 850Kb/s, the performances are acceptable and the nodes are working fine.

Something that helped my nodes coping better with all those inbound traffic was to:

I hope this help!

To limit 15 peers, use this:${BLOCKPRODUCING_IP}:${BLOCKPRODUCING_PORT}:1|

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