Topology config - YES, that again

I might be completely missing the point here, so :beer: with me:

I recently tried to update my topology config from the default with “real” relays. I tried both manually adding from what i found on adapoolsorg and with a generator. That ended in disaster, with error left and right, and unable to sync new blocks etc etc.

I have enabled all outgoing traffic, while of course limiting incoming ports to the bare minimum. The Cardano relays do work without opening their port (3001?)to “incoming” traffic on my end.

What am i missing here? I guess i cant just add relays and connect to them, they have to add me back for the connection to work? Is there a place to do this that I don’t know about?
I have also heard rumors that this will be automatic in future versions, so maybe just let it be for now?

Any clarification is greatly appreciated :smiley:


Hi Henrik,

You have to open your relay port to incoming traffic. While you can establish outbound connections, any blocks minted will not take to the chain without established inbound connections.

When you list your relay(s) when registering a pool, IOG adds your relays to their topology which helps, but you should definitely be working to ensure other operators are adding your relays to their topologies as well. This can be achieved either manually or programmatically via tools such as topologyUpdater.

Your friend, FROG

I will definitely look into topologyUpdater, first I am hearing of that tool :slight_smile:
Yes, my relay port is of course open for inbound traffic.

Thanks again frog :wink:

My pleasure, Henrik!