Do I Need I Need Incoming/Outgoing Connections On Relay To Mint Tokens

Hey everyone, I’m an SPO attempting to use one of my relay nodes I built on LTS through the CoinCashew guide to mint tokens.

The relay I am attempting to use is 100% synced to the blockchain, but has little/no incoming or outgoing connections because I haven’t properly configured topology. Do I need to fix this before attempting to mint?

I’m using a swap drive on my primary workstation with a node built on it, and am going to shut it down once I’m done minting. My other relays are properly configured, but they are down by my workbench and inconvenient to type on.

This is my topology file currently:

  "Producers": [
      "addr": "",
      "port": 3001,
      "valency": 2

GLiveView shows 0 in / 2 out. The relay’s port is open.

Can I mint tokens off this relay? Or do I need to properly configure it first? Am planning on using this guide. Thanks in advanced.

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should be fine, u will need only out peers to send the transactions


Awesome! Thank you Alex :+1:

You can also manually add a few more relays to your topology file from here if you want more outgoing connections.