Zero incoming connections on block producer node BUT used to have it

Screenshot 2023-12-17 at 4.59.15 AM

So I noticed that my block producer doesn’t have any incoming connections despite the other relays running fine and connecting to each other. Normally you would think.

1.) Oh, it must be a firewall issue…

except, this showed 2 incoming connections just a few days ago and then suddenly stopped working?

I didn’t change anything else. Why would it suddenely lose the two incoming connections to the relays? I also noticed that it would sometimes say ‘1’ incoming connection only to turn back to 0 shortly after.

Again this is very strange because this was all working before. I’ve also tested on preview network and was able to mint blocks with this setup before there. It’s just very strange that it’s not working randomly now?

I’m going to restart the block producer node for now, but this is disturbing, since this could happen before it might mint a block.

Here is screenshots of the relays.

Screenshot 2023-12-17 at 5.04.15 AM
Screenshot 2023-12-17 at 5.04.19 AM

Also is it normal for the relays to have different values for forks, and total Tx?

did cardano update the node for everyone? I wonder I’m using 8.1.2

Did the restart help?

Different nodes will have different transactions, as I assume they’ll have different incoming connected nodes, which might have different transaction bundles.

The restart did indeed bring back the incoming connections for now, but I’m worried that the different cardano versions has something to do with this, so looking into how to upgrade to 8.7.2, but I can’t find a binary anywhere for it only source code.

I don’t understand how restarting randomly can fix it and that worries me since this could happen right before minting a block.

Yeah, I haven’t seen it before from other questions, so I suspect it is a networking issue. But it is odd you still have the outgoing connections, but not the incoming.