Adding relays but denied toplogy?

Hi all;

Recently I added a few relays. The new relays are running topology updater, every hour on the hour. I’m getting good responses back, e.g. ‘glad you are staying with us’. However, when I look at the toplogy, there is nothing in it except:

{ "resultcode": "402", "datetime":"2021-02-19 03:22:30", "clientIp": "", "iptype": 4, "msg": "IP is not (yet) allowed to fetch this list", "Producers": [ { "addr": "", "port": 6000, "valency": 2 }

This is after approximately 24 hours.

The thing is, these nodes do have in/out peers. One has 9 in and 5 out. The other has 7 in and 0 out. All of my relays show up as in peers for my producer. Yet neither node appears in the topology.

What to make of this? Is this a cause for concern? Any suggestions?


did you checked in your Producer fw if you allow incoming connections from your new relay?
also check the topology file from your Producer, did you added the new Relay?


I have, yes. They are in there.