Error validating stake pool metadata

Hello there,

I’ve just completed the step where I have created a .json file with my stake pool’s information on github.

I am trying to calculate the hash of my metadata file but am receiving this error:

"Error: Error validating stake pool metadata: Error in $: ‘,’ or ‘}’: Failed reading: satisfy:

Does anyone know what this error is indicating and what I need to solve this issue?

Thank you everyone for your time!

Json Error

PS: I read through a thread with a similar question but I could not find the solution. Can not generate keys

Can u share the metadata link?

Why not all characters (“) are the same? It looks like the format is different for some of them


Try to rewrite them from the keyboard

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Great catch Alex, I’ll adjust and I’ll let you know if that caused this issue.

As always, you are the man! Thanks again @Alexd1985


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You are welcome