Metadata hash error - Error validating stake pool metadata: ... , but it consists of 30706 bytes

Hey folks,
I’m trying to setup a pool to run on 1.35.5 preview but I keep running into an error message when checking the pool’s metadata hash that it’s too big:

Metadata HASH Check: Fetching the MetaData JSON file from … Command failed: stake-pool metadata-hash Error: Error validating stake pool metadata: Stake pool metadata must consist of at most 512 bytes, but it consists of 30706 bytes.

Here’s my extended metadata files:

I was able to successfully setup a preprod pool but that was prior to version 1.35.5 - maybe that’s part of the issue since the preview files are actually smaller than the preprod ones?

(I’m using gitmachtl’s scripts from here:
https: //github. com/gitmachtl/scripts
, and this issue is coming up in command 05c)

Maybe it’s related to this?
https: //github .com/input-output-hk/cardano-db-sync/issues/1270

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated! (De-fanged the links since new user limit on forum)

what size has the metadata file? Should not be more than 512 bytes
and how did u create it?
try on server wget and check what is the size of the file

237 if I’m reading that correctly

Spider mode enabled. Check if remote file exists.
--2023-02-03 16:38:27--  https://
Length: 237 [application/json]
Remote file exists.

here’s the json itself:

  "description": "Catastrophy support: (248) 434-5508",
  "ticker": "SNSOB",
  "homepage": "",
  "extended": ""

Can u paste the transaction draft here ? Or the transaction was sent with success?

I was able to resolve the issue (with a lot of help from a few good friends).
Root cause was a networking issue. I needed to update the hosts file on the rpi i was buildng the transaction on to point to the other rpi I was using to host the website.

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