Error when decrypting wallet?

Hello all,

I wanted to update the metadata of my pool as I made a small mistake with the metadata. To change the metadata I have to decrypt my wallet. However, when I attempt to decrypt the wallet I get the following:

ERROR: failed to decrypt /opt/cardano/cnode/priv/wallet/Ideal_Pool/stake.skey.gpg
ERROR: failed to decrypt /opt/cardano/cnode/priv/wallet/Ideal_Pool/payment.skey.gpg

There is no other code or hint as to how I can solve this. Any ideas?

Help is much appreciated!


cd /opt/cardano/cnode/priv/wallet/Ideal_Pool/
are the keys there?


Guess I overlooked something. They are not.

Perhaps u used the backup option from cntools,

Any idea on how to fix this? I am kind of at a loss here.

Check if u have any folder… cntools_bkp_offline_xx.tar.gpg or something like this on ur server

I don’t seem to get a hit. I also can’t recall using the wallet backup function. I did import a 24-word wallet from Daedalus in the beginning. I encrypted that one using cntools. Now it doesn’t seem to want to decrypt.

Thanks for the quick help and responses by the way. I appreciate it a lot!

I know the files are deleted when u use bkp option…

if not maybe u downloaded from the server?

There is nothing there. I never used the backup function. I downloaded the cold keys. However, there are no stake.skey and payment.skey between the downloads I made.

Then I don’t know, perhaps u deleted by mistake? Check recycle bin, etc

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Apologies. I found them on the server. stake.skey.gpg and payment.skey.gpg. No clue why I couldn’t find them with the search engine (but I could manually).

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However, what do I do with them now? (sorry for the questions)

I tried restoring the .gpg files. That doesn’t seem to work.

Where are located? Did u moved on priv/wallet/Ideal_Pool/ ?

If yes, go to cntools - wallet - decrypt and type the password… it the password is not correct u will reveive a failed message

Thanks! Now it tells me I don’t have ADA in the wallet (while I do as I can see it in Daedalus). This is going well haha.

It tells me the wallet is delegated to the pool tho. Weird…

U can go to cntools - wallet - show ; copy the address and paste it on it has funds?

It states that there is 0 balance, but that there is an amount staked. Guess the ADA is locked in staking to the pool?

Yea, I checked my address and indeed it shows 0 balance but it shows x amount staked.


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Guess I’ll need to add some more to unlock it and be able to modify the pool metadata.

Thanks for all the help!

What is this used for will this help me?