Error when Retiring pool

I wanted to change the name of my pool and move to a new host. Rather than try to do that with my existing pool I decided to start a new pool.

The new pool is up and running and now I’m trying to retire the old pool. When I try to retire the pool using cntools I get the following error.
ERROR: signing keys encrypted, please decrypt before use!

When I try to decrypt the files I get

Removing write protection from all pool files


Pool decrypted : DeepPool
Files unlocked : 15
Files decrypted : 0

Pool files are now unprotected
Use ‘POOL >> ENCRYPT / LOCK’ to re-lock

Repeat the steps and I get the same over and over.


this means also the wallet is encrypted… did u decrypted it? U must pay for the transaction :wink:

as shown I have tried to decrypt it.

U decrypted the pool files… but how about the wallet files?

cntools- wallet -decrypt

That was the problem!

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Well strangely enough and perhaps good timing? My relay went down this morning and never came back up. I had to connect the old pool producer to the new pool relay just so I could finish the retire process which I just managed to do.

When is it okay to power down the producer for the old pool? I can power it down and just let it sit until I get the ADA back.

You retired the pool, tomorrow when the epoch will change u will receive 500 ADA back… so be patience 2 days untill u will receive the 500 ada back (u can shutdown the producer til then)

Thanks Alex!