Eternl wallet NFT's not showing

Hey I have been having an issue using eternl wallet was wondering if anyone could help. So I have a bunch of nfts on there , most of them I can clearly see. However some of them have “somewhat disappeared”. Meaning a few of them I started to stake and staked no problem but once I did It has never been the same with those specific nfts. Once I unstaked them for whatever reason they do not show in my wallet . So I was confused thinking maybe they are stuck within the staking process but I checked the staking site and the transaction went through fine . As well as checking the transaction in the eternl wallet saying I had successfully received the nfts. I KNOW they made it back and are STILL in my wallet because when I check they pop up with all of my other nfts. So anyone have an answer as to why I cant see them in my eternl wallet anymore? Would be greatly appreciated . Thanks