Something strange happened

Hi, long time user of cardano. And I’m normally pretty experienced but just wanted some advice as I’ve come across something very strange. So I had a Snek reward token in my wallet which is a scam token and had being airdropped in my hardware wallet. Got rid of it by sending it to a software wallet on Eternl I don’t really use then from there sent it to a burn address. So when I come back to check my rewards balance on my hardware wallet none of my rewards are there in the wallet and it’s showing 0 ada but it looks like they have gone into my normal balance. Now this never normally happens and I normally have to withdraw the rewards manually for them to show in my balance. Can anybody shed any light on what might have happened? All my transactions are showing as normal and I’ve checked my balance on the blockchain and it’s showing everything normal. The only thing that’s missing is the manual withdrawal of my rewards into my normal balance

Ok just double checked and it looks like the withdrawal of the rewards was included in the transaction above I mentioned and went straight into my normal account. How does this happen? I used Eternl wallet

Is this a bug within Eternl wallet. The withdraw rewards option is not even available on the send screen


As answered already on Telegram where same question was raised:

Eternl now made automatic withdrawal the default. You can disable it in the wallet settings.

The checkbox on every transaction was removed. Equivalent would now be to shortly enable it, do the transaction, and then disable it again.

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Thanks mate!! Appreciate it. Replied now in telegram :+1:t3: