Withdrew rewards over 2300 ada but did not receive more that 1.8 ada

I attempted to withdraw my rewards of over 2300 ada. I did this in Yoroi, but checked in etrnal also to see if the result looked the same.

Below is a picture of the transaction from etrnal wallet. It says I withdrew 2300 rewards but it only put 1.8 ada in my wallet. as i watched this happen, initially my wallet balance went up 2300 but then dropped again when the transaction actually just resulted in 1.8 ada.

If you look at the picture is says i had 2300 to withdraw, but see how it says above i only got 1.8.

I have tried looking at the transaction on the ada chain scanner but I cant figure out where it sent the 2300 ada.

this transaction says 2300 withdrawn, but where the heck did it go? Is this some sort of hack?

this is my wallet receive address:

I have not received the 2300. can anyone figure out who did receive it? thanks. this is very frustrating. I did try resyncing the wallet to the blockchain, but nothing changed.

Does it matter that when i was withdrawing it gave me the choice to deregister or not and i said deregister? but that doesnt make sense that that would mean now i dont get the rewards??

Please help.

when i click the withdrawal link to the blockchain scanner this is the page i get:

It says 2300 withdrawn,…but where did it go??

Withdrawing rewards doesn’t change your wallet balance (in most wallet apps). Unwithdrawn rewards already contribute to your stake and are usually counted in the balance. The withdrawal just moved them from the stake address (in your wallet) to UTxOs (also in your wallet).

The only change is that you got the 2 ADA deposit back. Minus the transaction fee those are the +1.8 ADA. That’s because you deregistered the stake key in that transaction. You did want to stop staking, didn’t you?

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ahhh thanks!

you can check on pooltool.io → rewards for taxes → paste one address there