Unable to withdraw 147 ADA rewards with or without funds in yoroi wallet. Wallet has been synced. Error is not enough funds. My donkey’s rear! This has been an issue for a year. There is no help from anyone at Cardano! I am now filing a complaint with SEC and CPA.

So you have some ADA in the wallet?

Please come down.

I do understand your upset about that but there isnt an issue like that for a year.

Please explain in detail what you are trying to do and whats not working.


I took all my funds out except for my 147 interest rewards. I tried with funds in and with funds out both while wallet synced.

You definitly need some funds in your wallet which arent rewards if you want to claim them.

@Zyroxa is correct. You need funds in order to pay the transaction fee.

I will try again. I will put $5 in and try to get my 147 ada interest rewards out after I sync.