I can't withdraw rewards on Yoroi or Adalite. The incorrect amount is shown/transacted

Hello community,

I am currently trying to withdraw my rewards but I can’t because the rewards shown on Adalite/Yoroi are higher than what I actually have. If I check https://cardanoscan.io/, I can see how much rewards I have (60 ADA less than shown by Yoroi/Adalite). When I sign the transaction it gets rejected because I am asking for more rewards than what I have (Adalite/Yoroi automatically calculate this, and their amounts are wrong).

I think this is because I had my key deregistered in one distribution, but Yoroi/Adalite counts that distribution as if I received rewards but I never did.

I can’t use Daedalus because they don’t support Trezor passphrase :confused:

I have plenty of ADA for the transaction fee

Have anyone solved this?

This is the error I get (replaced sensitive info with XXX):

{"error":{"response":"Error trying to send transaction: Error: Request failed with status code 400 - ApplyTxError [LedgerFailure (DelegsFailure (WithdrawalsNotInRewardsDELEGS (fromList [(RewardAcnt {getRwdNetwork = Mainnet, getRwdCred = KeyHashObj (KeyHash \"XXX\")},Coin XXX)])))]"}}

The endpoint that brings the wrong rewards is:

I don’t know if you can help you but take a look

@Alexd1985 This doesn’t help me. My problem is that Yoroi generates the wrong trasaction when I want to withdraw because the Rewards shown are wrong. So the transaction fails once it gets broadcasted.

The endpoint I linked from Yoroi is retrieving the wrong Rewards amount from my Wallet, so the transaction generated after that is wrong.

My wallet only has 147.916847 ADA in rewards but Yoroi creates a transaction for 217.340871 ADA, so the transaction fails. I already tried this multiple times, and it only happens in this wallet, my other wallets are working fine.


Than talk with yoroi team, could be a bug?

you should try to restore your wallet

Thank you guys for your messages.
Sadly, apparently, it is a problem with Yoroi.

There is a GitHub Issue for it:

I will wait to see if it improves