Error when withdraw rewards yoroi wallet

Hello I got error receiving from api method when withdraw rewards
I tried many times in this week always got this error how to fix it?

Have patience til the issue will be fixed

Also experiencing this issue, will this be a public announcement when fixed?

Some of my friends have got this kind of issue, but some are not. Let try it later.

Having same issue in Trezor Wallet.

Well I was today my mothers place because she needed sell part of her ADA and I realized, there is new firmware available by luck. When I got home i updated Trezor Wallet and it worked like magic with success. Unluckily i tried manytimes with fail and it deducted 0.18 ADA each failed try. Thank gods we dont have higher fees lol. I lost already much more then 2 ADA with my trying to overcome market in the past.

What is Trezor Wallet? is it from Yoroi? because i have same problem as you see IMG_8318