Nami wallet lost tokens swapping ADA/SNEK

Hello. Just having my first interaction with Cardano for years, I hope you can help me.
Swapped ADA for SNEK in sundaeswap from Nami wallet. Order scooped/completed, ADA gone. No SNEK in wallet. Do you know where it has gone?? Thank you.

It seems it got transfered to your wallet.

You might want to restore your wallet with Typhon and see if you can see your tokens there.

Your account has received 916k SNEK in the second transaction:

Have you looked under “Collectibles” in Nami? Nami is very strict in how it decides if something is an FT or an NFT and a lot of FTs fall under the definition of NFT with Nami’s very strict interpretation.

Other possibility is always that the wallet app is not fully synchronised.

Hi there,
I just had a very long conversation with what seemed to be your chat and they have stolen the SNEK and emptied my metamask

This really is a disaster

Hi Lincoln,
Do you really work for Cardano?
The chat stole my SNEK and Metamask.
This is a disaster

??? Was that inside this forum? Then please flag those direct messages so that we can ban them.

You will get scam attempts in direct messages everywhere in crypto. We (and the moderators of any other channels) can do very little to completely prevent that.

Ah, just saw that it was not a direct message, but a reply that you got openly in this thread. That reply was already deleted by @Zyroxa and the user removed and their IP banned.

No, that user was not working for any legitimate entity. That was totally a scam.

Hi Sean,
Could you possibly check if these are real transactions?

Yes, those were the two transactions in which you bought the SNEK. First sending out the ADA, then getting the SNEK for them.

But as it looks, the scammer then later sold them again from your account and took out the ADA.

Really not much you can do about it. Never give somebody your seed phrase, also not on some website that pretends to “rectify” arbitrary crypto problems.

The problem started when the SNEK did not show in the wallet though. This is why it all went wrong

I really think Cardano should have this totally sorted

Since the SNEK are gone now, we cannot examine anymore why exactly you did not find them in Nami. My bet would still be that it just showed them in “Collectibles” instead of “Assets”.

It all went wrong because you fell for a scammer. And once you have done that, there’s not much anybody can do about it. It’s one of the founding ideas of cryptocurrencies that transactions cannot be reverted or censored.

“Cardano” is not an entity that can do anything. There are some entities that have created Cardano, among others the Cardano Foundation operating this forum. But none of these can or wants to control or revert what transactions users do on the blockchain.

Yes. You are right. I do understand my mistake. It is still just awful that the Nami wallet does not show a coin where it should show it. Especially as the coins are both in the Cardano system.

Metamask doesn’t support Cardano… Or are other non Cardano coins besides your SNEK stolen too?

What exactly did the scammer asked from you what enabled him to stole your coins? Did you gave your seed phrase to them?