Sundae Tokens not appearing on Nami wallet and CCvault

2 days I swapped ADA → Sundae token. Transaction succeeded

see: ( Transaction 0b150a52673af27120c007933a94041435f9cab9efc641ba59780a252af68df1 - Cardanoscan)

In the NAMI wallet or CCvault the Sundae Token won’t appear.

Before I did the transaction I did not added funds to the collateral (5ada).
Now, 2 days later I did.

Will it come through, or did I lost my funds?
Can I do something??

Thanks in advance.

Check the transaction on sundae swap and cancel it… all funds will be returned in your wallet

Then perform another transaction, there are hundreds of failed/pending transactions which will not be performed anymore because the price changed

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It worked, thank you very much!

Have a great day.

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Hi there,
Same problem here. Swapping ADA for SUNDAE. The price moved outside of what will fill, so I’m trying to follow the solution provided by Alexd1985. However, the transaction cancelation order always fails. I’ve added collateral, so I don’t think it’s that.

Any other thoughts?
Thanks in advance!

Also mine failed but I received the funds… did u checked the wallet?

My order is still showing as “awaiting scoop”. Funds have not been returned to my account.

It’s all still awfully slow for me (using dApp connection to ccvault at the moment, but I think the transactions are submitted by SundaeSwap and just signed by the wallet app).

Hi everyone,
Same issue here, my transaction went throught and my ADA has been whidrawen from my Nami wallet, but still my Sundae token are not appearing in the wallet.
Did anyone resolve this ?

The ADA are put into the contract, but SundaeSwap still is processing orders from days ago.

For me, orders for SUNDAE went out of the price range twice, now. (But one for MILK went smoothly.)

You can cancel the order in the SundaeSwap interface at “Orders”. Then, your ADA will come back (eventually and minus transaction fee).