Multiple Issues - Nami, CCvault, SundaeSwap, Delegation, LP

Let me preface this with I am new to crypto. I got in right at 1 year ago. I’ve been wanting to get into staking and LP for a while and I’m a huge supporter of ADA. Naturally I was super stoked when SundaeSwap was announced. I read that Nami was the preferred wallet so I got it and sent over about 1300 ADA. I did the collateral on Nami and tried swapping my ADA for Sundae and those transactions have been pending for 5 days now. I said screw it. I’ll just go delegate all of ADA to a pool to get the Sundae rewards. I have had nothing but issues with Nami on SundaeSwap like not being able to cancel orders, my balance showing 53 ADA instead of 1300 ADA and undelegating my ADA from the Berry pool which I accidentally did. I read that if you import your Nami wallet into CCvault then I’ll be able to cancel my pending orders on SundaeSwap. I did that and viola! It worked… for the most part. A few are still pending but I see it as a success. I’m still having issues overall.

Enough of the backstory. Now, I am still unable to undelegate/deregister my ADA from Berry. I tried making a new account in CCvault to send some ADA there. I sent ADA, a test amount of like 20 to my 2nd account to try and delegate through the 2nd account. That has been pending for about 2 hours or so. It says “Pending Successfully submitted. The transaction will be included in one of the upcoming blocks. The status changes to ‘verified’ as soon as the transaction is stored on chain.”

Why does it seem like everything I try doing on Cardano does not seem to work? I got a Nano Ledger and I was not able to download the blockchain on my Daedalus wallet. I cannot swap ADA for Sundae. I cannot stake. I cannot send ADA to my 2nd account on CCvault. I cannot be an LP. I feel like there’s something I’m doing wrong and it’s not necessarily the blockchain. I know that it’s congested right now but it’s been almost a week now. I feel like SundaeSwap is functionally broken. Is there something that I’m missing?

I’m going to apologize for the rant right now but I’ve been all over the internet and YouTube with ZERO success. I figured this would be my next best chance of figuring some of this out. If this is not allowed, feel free to give me the boot or a good yelling at. I’m sorry.


try to restore the wallet on and try from there to redelegate, move funds, etc… yeah the network is congested these days… as for ss dex swap… I understand that the orders will not be processed (remaining on pending for days) if the price changed… so try to set the slippage to 1% when u put the order…


Yeah, there is alot of time being spent during any transition. I’ve been chipping away at problems and learning curve through all it to. But if this means anything, I will share with you things that made it go through for me. #1 Everything takes a long time to finish ANY transition. Like between transferring or switching. The term days long is a guarantee, where there’s a risk there’s reward, at this very moment and whole lot of volume. (I’m 5 days in for waiting to finish a liquidity purchase). #2 Transfer medium portions of your coins for each project because you don’t know when it’s going finish or if there will be problems, so let one finish up before you go on to the next. #3 watch the news and stay informed. Anything can change at any single one time and it would be good to act on it when you have the first opportunity.