Insufficient Balance on SundaeSwap

When I try to submit an order on SundaeSwap either via ccvault or Nami wallet I always see Insufficient Balance even though both my wallets show balance. Any ideas?

check the address on or … do you see the balance?
I had this error last night when nami showed me the expected balance but in fact the funds didn’t arrived and I performed a new transactions

also check the source of the funds… the funds left the wallet?

or perhaps u already perform a swap on sundaeswap but it will take time (in my case ~2 hours) till the funds will go to the SC (check the transactions on sundaeswap)


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Hello, Alexd1985 I have same problem 1 hour my balance is inffucient . How long did you wait for it ?

check the address on or… do you see the right balance?

if not check if they left the original wallet

No, bro There are just 1.34 balance in Cardanoscan. :frowning:

Check the original address (from where did u sent the funds) are still there or left the wallet?

They left 1 hour ago , but Nami wallet is still empty

Can u share the transaction ID?

Please, give me some contact where i can contact you in private.

Have same problem, how to fix?


Restore your NAMI wallet on (compatible with sundae swap dex)… I heard is the best


Hey, thanks for answering, but I’m prettyyyy confident the transaction is not the issue. It has many many confirmations and I still get Insufficient Balance. I’ve tried both ccvault and nami wallets. It’s a bit crazy really. Could it be the case that SundaeSwap doesn’t populate my balance properly on their side and thinks I have nothing there? This is done on the browser side so they need to somehow check my balance and from what I see even it’s there they think I have zero.

Hello @Kakha

The balance shown on SundaySwap is NOT total available balance. It show full balance (including your collateral and minimum ADA needed to maintain UTxO in your wallet)

To use a swap your ADA goes into a contract which takes about 4 to 5 ADA to lock in, plus the amount you are buying. If you have collateral of 5 ADA then your are about 1 to 2 ADA short and have insufficient balance. If you have other NTFs and tokens in your wallet then you need even more.

If you go to your Nami wallet and hover your mouse over INFO sign next to your ADA balance it will show you how much ADA is locked in the assets and how much in collateral.

You need about 6 ADA above that to make this transaction.

Hope this helps :smiley:



How to fix, insufficient balance? Increase collateral?

Hello @Inner_Peace

As per your screenshot:

ADA fee 0.172629 + Scooper Fee 2.5 ADA + Deposit 2 ADA + LP Fee 4.95866 = 9.631289 ADA

So you need minimum of of about 9.64 ADA to send this transaction.

You can see on your screen shot that you have Balance of 8.689596 ADA. Out of that if you locked 5 ADA for collateral means you only have about 3.68 ADA available (assuming the wallet has nothing else locking your ADA)

So to resolve this you need to add at least 6 more ADA to that wallet in order to afford that transaction.

However if you hold any other assets in that wallet you may need more. If I were you, to be safe I would just add 11 ADA more and you should be fine.

If you would like to see how much of your balance is locked in collateral and assets you can hover your pointer on INFO sign next to your balance.

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This helps a lot, thank you so much!

Hi Alex,
I’m new in everything.
I went to SundaeSwap and Swaped my 50% Cardano and then provided liquidity.

Now if I try to Stake the LP tokens it says “Insufficient Wallet Balance”.
However, I can see that it has 3,061,044,814 LP tokens.

Transation ID:

Thanks in advance.

I don’t know to much about ss LPs but do you have enough ADA on your wallet for transactions fee?


Thanks for your reply.
I have 15 ADA in my wallet.
I’m kinda confused and don’t know what to do next.


Do you have collateral set? How much of your balance is bound by tokens?