Strange, unentered utxo address; need help if possible

Hi all
So I’m not new to crypto but I do not get a lot of the technical backend stuff. A couple weeks ago, the 1st night Sundaeswap was operable, I attempted to move some ADA from ccVault (which I was having trouble with) to Nami in order to do a swap. I don’t believe I had done anything on Sundae at this point, not 100% on that. I entered my wallet address in ccVault by copying it from Nami, I verified it, signed the transaction, and it failed. I clicked the “Retry” button, failed again, but the second click on “Retry” worked. I waited forever, no ADA, so I went to the transaction record, and realized that the ADA went to an address that I had never typed in, never copied, nothing. It lists as Sundaeswap: Swap Request, but if that was the case, I have no record of such swap, no ADA ever came back, no swap occurred. The text is below. Any help appreciated, though I am not holding my breath I’ll get the ADA back (wasn’t much, but I don’t like not understanding what happened.


Can u share the transaction ID?


Yes, sorry; that’s why I always disclaimer pleas for help. I never claim to be smart, just hard working. The ID is below:

ID without the http stuff:


It looks like the funds are locked into SC (the address is sundaeswap address)

Now check if u have (on sundaeswap dex) pending transactions ( u should cancel them…)
Also u should contact sundaeswap and ask them to check…
Be carefull to SCAM, never share the SEED WORDS

PS: next time when u will want to switch the wallets just use the seed words and restore the nami wallet into ccvault wallet

I think I accidentally found it. I am so embarrassed I can’t express it. I happened to reconnect the ccVault wallet to Sundaeswap and for whatever reason, this time there was an on-chain order that hadn’t shown before and had never gone through because the price difference was too high (first few days on the DEX were a mess, I’m sure you know). I am in process of adding collateral to ccVault to cancel the order right now. Thank you so much for the reply though, it is great to know there are better minds than mine around when things get wonky. Thanks again.

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Glad u fixed :beers:

Just wrote a reply, but you were spot on. Not sure why the transaction didnt show until now, maybe just didnt refresh properly. Thx a million.

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