Unauthorized wallet withdrawal to Sundaeswap

Hi…hope someone can help me here…Yesterday I provided some liquidity to the SS DEX…in the wee hours of this morning 310 more ADA left my wallet unauthorized by me. Metadata says sundaeswap: swap requst. Unfortuneately I had left my wallet connected to SS. Have I been fleeced? Tx 46fabb70cc04be32b3ef67ebb95130b36f64cc4e1e97c6bc433138a1e2ab861e

It’s not the same amount added by you to LP?

No. I initially provided 185 ADA and 336 ADAX. While I was fast asleep 310 ada left my wallet.

yeah, I don’t know why this transaction… perhaps it’s better to contact sundaeswap… there was no hack… because the funds went to the sundae address… but I don’t know why if you ask me

be careful to false support, never share your seed words…


I sent them a message thru twitter so Ill see if I get a response. Thanks for your input.


Sorry to interrupt, but that begs the question: This dApp-connector can do transactions without me authorising them explicitly? That’s scary!

I thought it is just meant to give websites the possibility to politely ask the wallet app for a transaction and the latter then asks me?

Yes it is. Take note.

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UPDATE: An order has now come up in open orders which was not there before. It says I have an order for sundaeswap token in the amount of 306 ADA. This order was created 10 hours ago while I was sound asleep and computer was off. Just a heads up.

looks like SS self executed an order from my wallet for SS tokens

hmmm… weird

It would still need your spending password to release the funds.
Many orders were delayed a lot. It may went trough 10 hours ago, but it could of been placed 16 hours ago. It just took 6 hours to clear.
I had my transaction for liquidity take over 4 hours to go trough and it shows 4 hours delayed time.

Also, you metadata shows:
msg: [
“SundaeSwap: Swap Request

Did you try to use a swap at all? I had a swap transaction that showed failed multiple times go trough 2 hours later. I’m assuming that one of my attempts went trough, then the rest failed cause UTxO was already spent.


Mea Culpa. I must have done it. Moral of the story…don´t drink lot´s of wine and then play around with new Dex’s :frowning:


:)))))))))))))))) from now one we need to include this scenario


Hello, ALL

What I believe happened? One of the orders you submitted, and thought was rejected. Then later went through. Obviously because of the backlog and congestion first day. Had you not fallen asleep you would have seen order scooped but not executed. Obviously, you would have had the option to cancel… Definitely was a glitch of the sorts but you most likely did submit the order in question, as I said during the CRAZY! :wink:

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I have the feeling, he already knows that:


I dont think thats possible. You have to sign each request. Did it happen an hour or so after you went to bed? Its taking a long time for things to submit at the moment; especially if you’re using Nami.

If someone hacked you, they would have just sent your entire wallet to themselves.

This was already solved four days ago:

Yes, it was a legitimate swap request. All is fine.

I have a similar issue with ccVault wallet. I went through the process of getting a couple hundred ADA OUT of that wallet, pasted in my other address, and somehow when all was said and done, it was sent to an address I had never seen, under heading Sundaeswap: swap request. I NEVER used the address in question, have no idea how it got into the entry field, am just lost, but have no idea how to begin to deal with this.

If it is addr1wxaptpmxcxawvr3pzlhgnpmzz3ql43n2tc8mn3av5kx0yzs09tqh8, it is the SundaeSwap contract. If you place an order on SundaeSwap, it asks your wallet app to sign the corresponding transaction and you should have given your spending password for it.

Given the state of the network in these SundaeSwap launch days, this transaction may have only gone through hours later. So, it can very well be that the transaction you are seeing is not the one you wanted to do from ccvault gone totally wrong, but a much earlier transaction you started from SundaeSwap.

If it is a SundaeSwap order, it can be cancelled in their web interface and the ADA will come back.