Sundae Swap Scam Support Website - WARNING

Hi all,

Recently I had issues with Sundae Swap and not processing my orders like many of us our there. I replied to a twitter by the Sundae Swap team and got many replies from scam support.

Sundae Swap Labs Support

They inform you that it is a sync issue and that you need to go to a site called “walletdappsprotocol’dot’org” This site asks for your phrase so it can sync you funds back to you wallet.


Someone needs to add this site to the register.

I hope this helps someone.



Glad I saw this!! I’ve been messaged by SundaeSwap Labs Support after I posted about my order on the official SundaeSwap twitter. They replied asking for my wallet address so thought I’d check them out. Just wanted to check is it this account you’re referring to? If so, I’ll be steering clear!!

Cheers is the only legitimate one and under their tweets you will see dozens of scam accounts replying to questions.

The one you showed definitely is one, but not necessarily the one the original poster is referring to.

They all try to get you into a direct message conversation, where others cannot interfere, and then get you to some page, where you enter your seed or something equivalent.

They even compete with each other, see the replies under this one:

Thanks for confirming!! :grin: I had a feeling they were dodgy (different handle, location the joining date was way out etc). Looking at their page, they seem to have changed their details so 100% scammers!! Here’s a screenshot of what they’ve changed to in case anyone gets a message form them.

Hi, please guide, someone stole from sundaeswap team my 3304.44 ADA which I had staked with CCV4 pool, they took my all savings, please anyone help me to recover my loss…