Missing Sundaeswap from nami after more moved from daedalus

weird thing happened today in my nami wallet. i had 24.something sundae swap tokens that i’d swapped several weeks back in the sundaeswap dex just to try it. they’ve been in my nami wallet since then. i recently received another 65.something sundaeswap tokens from the staking iso recently but they went into my daedalus wallet as thats where my staking ada was. i thought i’d send that 65 tokens over to nami just in case i feel like swapping it out some day and thought it would be best in the same wallet. now the 65 went over fine but thats all the nami wallet is now showing me as the 24.something has now disappeared. its like the sundae swap token just overwrote what i already had in there. has anyone else experienced this? not a lot of tokens i grant you but would like to know where they went. thanks.

do you have tx ids for both?

this will be todays, i’ll try and go back and find the swap but i’m a bit rubbish finding stuff like that.

It looks like you sent the 24.x from Nami to Daedalus in this transaction:

They are then included in the 65.x. And only 40.x came from the second swap.

maybe this is the first one.

does that not seem odd? the ada i have in my daedalus and my nami are different and i thought i had the 65 that showed in daedalus that i just claimed to that wallet while i already had 24 from ages ago.

if thats the case then fine but weird

i’ve looked back and can see that now. weird. thanks for your help. must just be an odd way daedalus shows.

Three reasons why this can be:

  • Nami will only sees and uses the first address of your wallet.
  • Daedalus includes ‘unclaimed’ rewards in the total, why Nami doesn’t.
  • If you’ve set collateral (normally 5 ADA), Nami substracts this from the total shown.

He uses different wallets in Nami and Daedalus.

But yes, Nami is single address, while Daedalus uses lots of addresses.

no, properly different as my daedalus and my yoroi point at the same ledger hardware wallet so i keep most of my ada on that (before i spent it all on nft’s) but my nami is a seperate hot wallet only with limited funds that i transfer ada to for contract interaction etc. so if i have 2000 ada in my ledger and 200 ada in my nami thats 2 different wallets so weird they would combine my sundaeswap stuff. thanks.