SundaeSwap - Missing signature! Your wallet did not provide all the required signatures

Maybe not a technical question when its a little exchange based, but i have a very weird issue, if anyone wants a break from normal technical answering.

So the situation is this: I have a ccvault wallet, it currently has 3 UTXO’s sitting on it, two have ADA + native assets, one has just ADA. Sundaeswap reports incorrect balances for all tokens and the ADA amount. Im not using a collateral address, its a single address wallet with all UTXOs originating and being consumed by one payable address.

Tried disconnecting the wallet from the app, Tried splitting the tokens up into different UTXO’s, still get the same error on Sundaeswap when trying to place an order, AND Sundaeswap still reports an incorrect balance.

Only other thing would be a wallet restore, but i dont see how this would effect the Sundaeswap app? the wallet itself reports the correct balances, ive cross referenced it with a cardano-cli utxo query, and its consistent.

Any ideas?


Ok, hell, ill just go ahead and answer my own question here, you NEED to have the collateral button set, even in single address mode.

However, still getting insufficient balance. Token balance is reporting correctly, but ADA balance is not.

Did you actually set/create a collateral UTxO? Could just guess that maybe the only-ADA-UTxO is now used for collateral and the others do not have enough ADA for the actual costs.

Hi @HeptaSean

Just checking that, Im getting the error “createTransactionBody: lovelace lower than minimum UTxO value of 5925760.” when attempting to set Callateral. The wallet itself has about 15 ADA in it total at the moment.

A part of that is bound by the assets. How much does the pure-ADA-UTxO have?

Refreshed the wallet, set Collateral to 5 ADA (default), now the UTXOs are:

UTXO1 = 7925760 lovelace + <assets>
UTXO 2 = 5000000 lovelace + TxOutDatumNone
UTXO3 = 2172730 lovelace + TxOutDatumNone

7.9 ADA should be enough for the assets attached to it i would imagine.

So, now the 5-ADA-UTxO should be collateral. Does SundaeSwap still not want that? It could build a transaction with UTxO 1 and UTXO 3 as inputs and UTxO 2 as collateral and that should be enough.

Only thing else, I would perhaps try is sending only the assets to myself with the absolute minimum of ADA (should be set by ccvault automatically, when selecting the assets), so that the rest of the 7.9 ADA is also in a pure-ADA-UTxO.

Yeah this is a good idea, im going to add a little more ADA to the total wallet balance, and then do a send all assets with the minimum ADA amount required.

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@HeptaSean Adding some additional ADA worked. I dont think 7.9 ADA attached to the UTXO with the asset waas enough when Sundae take another 2 ADA + fees. so that would have put it (the UTXO) below the 5 (ish) ADA threshold to hold the remaining assets

4.50 ADA including fees (including a 2 ADA deposit) + assets going in. so definitely below 5 ADA

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Those are a lot of assets then. :grinning:

Good that you solved it!

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Yeah, 22 different assets attached. Was wondering when things would start getting spicy

Thanks for your help :smiley:

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