My Sundae tokens disappear when transferred

I have tried several attempts at sending my Sundae to exchanges , and the Nami wallet from my Daedalus wallet. The transaction goes thru but only a tiny amount arrives. Example I sent 500 tokens and when it it got to the wallet it was .0005 tokens , Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong or is it a bug in the system ?


Can u share the transaction ID? Which wallet did u used to send the tokens? Perhaps the wallet doesn’t support decimals and from here the confusion…


Daedalus doesn’t seem to look at the Cardano token registry at all. So, it doesn’t know about decimal places. And if you write 500 SUNDAE, it will really be 0.0005 SUNDAE, because SUNDAE are registered with 6 decimal places.

You should also see in your balance and the receiving transactions that Daedalus reports a million times the amount of SUNDAE you are seeing in other places that respect the decimal place information from the registry.

I think I just got robbed ! I followed the developer link and they wiped me out! Fuck ,I`m a dumb ass .

Which developer link? Did you give them your seed phrase?

The first response to my question had a link for Iohk developer portal . Now removed. I know better ,but was so frustrated I wasn`t thinking clearly , and gave my seedphrase . It was setup well and I walked right into .

The plus side is they only got 1k of ada ( profit) and since the wallet doesn’t carry decimal points correct they only got a minor amount of sundae swap, not the 40 million I thought they had given me .

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