dApp Connector for Sundae Swap Reward Tokens?

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I’m getting all excited about the SundaeSwap ISO coming up soonish. I have delegated to an appropriate scooper pool but am concerned that by using Daedalus to do so I won’t be able to receive the rewards tokens. I have read in a few places that the wallet needs a dApp connector. I can’t even find how to activate this connectorphibian thang in Yoroi!

Can anyone help with some info on this please?


Try https://namiwallet.io/

Thanks for the reply Thomas, I already have Nami installed. The question is do I need to stake from it to receive Sundaeswap rewards tokens?


You shouldn’t need to. You need a web-based wallet if you want to use Sundaeswap and interact with the DEX. You’llget your tokens regardless of where you’re staking from. Daedalus supports multi-tokens already but let’s say for some odd reason it doesn’t (or if you decide you want to sell them and want to send them to a different online web-based wallet) AND for some reason you can’t just transfer your Sundae tokens out of Daedalus… worse case scenario you can restore your Daedalus-based wallet to another web-based one and do whatever you please. Remember a wallet is just an interface to what the blockchain is. Your tokens will be awarded to you on the blockchain, if a certain “view” of the blockchain is incompatible or doesn’t provide the functionality you need, you can always restore your wallet somewhere else and look at the blockchain using a different wallet. Your rewards go to your staking address, nothing will change that regardless of which wallet you use.

Remember blockchain = truth. Wallet is some visual/functional representation of that truth.

For completeness here are a few web-based Cardano wallets:
Nami Wallet

GERO wallet

There is one more very similar to ccvault with arguably a better interface but can’t remember its name atm.

Hope that helps.
CPX Pool

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