Yoroi - SundaeSwap

Do we have dApp connector for Yoroi? If not, are there any plans for this rollout immediately. As most of you know SundaeSwap is going live in couple of days and we need a way to connect and claim $SUNDAE rewards. Looks like most of the users are moving to Nami or CCVault just for this purpose. Are they reliable wallets?

Yes, both are reliable wallets but perhaps the yoroi will be integrated till u will claim the rewards


Yoroi is obviously working on the connector. They changed the permissions of the extensions for that a few days ago. But it doesn’t seem to be there now.

Don’t know if you will even need a dApp connector to claim the ISO rewards.

In this FAQ from November

they linked to the mechanism of another token, where you just have to send some ADA to an address and get the tokens back in return.

For using the DEx, you will obviously need a connector.

Speaking about

I see this from SundaeSwap just now.



So, basically no rush. … I don’t understand from this long text if the “SUNDAE faucet” will be usable without dApp connector, but it doesn’t matter in more than one way: I’m not into Sundae and there’s a year time.

when will be possilbe to unstake the ADA without loosing the right to get the Sundae?

Right after February 14th (21:45 UTC)

To participate in each ISO reward round, you must delegate prior to the follow dates:

  1. Round 1: January 25th (21:45 UTC)
  2. Round 2: January 30th (21:45 UTC)
  3. Round 3: February 4th (21:45 UTC)
  4. Round 4: February 9th (21:45 UTC)
  5. Round 5: February 14th (21:45 UTC)
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Sundae Yoroi connector seems to be available on the website in the “Experimental” section.

Was anyone able to connect the Yoroi as I’m always getting:

Could not connect to the selected wallet. Make sure the wallet is enabled and refresh the page!


I get the same error. SundaeSwap does show as active in the Dapp connector tab in Yoroi wallet. Hopefully wont be long till it’s sorted.


Me too.I continue to have the same error.